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Leasowe estate is the second largest council estate on the Wirral peninsular, due to its location (which is bounded by the River Birket, Cross Lane, Reeds Lane and Leasowe Road) Leasowe is remote and isolated compared with other areas of Wirral. Due to this isolation, Leasowe has a reputation of community action and self-help; the residents work hard to make the most of what they have; local people are very active in their community .

The Management Committee (Leasowe Play Youth & Community Association) have over 46 years experience of working with the local community. This wealth of experience ensures that we attract a broad cross section of people to the centre, especially those who are deemed hard to reach. We offer a non-threatening, safe environment within informal surroundings, for the local community to experience activities, interact socially and develop their capacity.

We have as an organisation strived to provide a high quality service to the residents of Leasowe and more recently to residents from the surrounding areas of Wallasey and Moreton. Our service delivery is based upon us accessing and achieving the necessary funding in order to deliver. A major part of our work is to provide a service to all those people and groups who come into contact with the Leasowe Community Centre. We are a joint management committee with over 46 year's experience. We provide a service to the local community in conjunction with the local authority to provide services for the residents of Leasowe and surrounding areas. We currently provide an Adventure Playground, Community Centre and a Youth Society. We have as an organisation strived to provide a high quality service to the residents of Leasowe. Our service delivery is based upon the management committee accessing and achieving the necessary funding in order to deliver the objectives identified through our users groups and individuals.

In 1977 Leasowe became the first joint management committee in the Borough. This agreement saw the residents of Leasowe managing a council owned asset jointly, although the residents had a 51% share of the management committee. LPYCA are committed to maintaining services and will always look at barriers that stop people from participating and try to overcome them. We provide the following services for residents of Leasowe and the wider community as a whole.

Adventure Playground: providing a service to the residents of Leasowe between the ages 2 and 13, we operate an open door policy for all children who attend the Adventure Playground.

Community Centre: The community centre provides a hub for the residents of Leasowe, the management committee provides the help and support for all the user groups attached to the community centre.

Community Cafe: This is not currently being operated due to volunteers not being available to commit to working 5 days per week. This will be reviewed during 2023.

Luncheon Club (over 55s): This is a service we provide in partnership with Social Services until July 2017 when funding ceased, it is a luncheon club, which operates for 3 days per week; we will pick up clients from the estate, we will consider further afield, and bring clients to the community centre. We will provide a 2 course meal as well as arranging topical subjects by inviting guests to come along and meet the members of the club. An example of this is a member of the local Primary care Trust who came along and discussed the fundamentals of healthy eating. We operate an open door policy in all our activities; we pride ourselves on the amount of activities that we provide to the local community throughout the year.

A BIG thank you to all the Companies and Organisations that have provided support to us during the Pandemic. This has allowed us to provide a valuable service to the residents of Leasowe and surrounding areas by providing a valauble social contact service ensuring our client's mental health and wellbeing - together with a 2 course freshly prepared meal. This has been made possible due to the support of all our sponsors - THANK YOU!
Registered Charity No: 702959
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